Lajos Szabó

What becomes a sign depends on the level of our sensitivity.

Every sign has a mathematical character.

Poetry is axiomatics: the pondering of words.

LAJOS SZABÓ, who thought in words, and drew not out of passion but with the strength and impulse of his composure, was a committed follower of progressive artistic and social movements. More...

Theoretical works

Works of art


The Budapest Dialogical School

The official-sounding name “Budapest Dialogical School” in reality refers to a community of thinkers, poets, artists and scientists, who worked illegally for over fifty years. Its representatives stand for the primacy of the spirit and consequently reject all institutionalism. They were not allowed to publish either under the Nazi or the Bolshevik regimes. The two central figures of the community are Lajos Szabó (1902-1967) and Béla Tábor (1907-1992). More...

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